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Regrinding and sharpening is worthwhile

Sharpetch Oy Regrinding Service, we are a small flexible regrinding and sharpening provider to engineering works and machine manufacturers. In addition we take care of coating services for re-grinded tools and tool reclamation services to our clients.

Even the highest quality and brand of machine tools dull over the time, and preferably before that please take contact to us, we can tell you more about our grinding services. We regularly regrind and recondition HSS and HM drills, end mills, routers, blades, countersinks, planers, broach tools i.e. cutting tool of all types that are used in metal machining.

Economics is the most important argument for recycling by regrinding worn-out cutting tools, by multiple regrinding the tool costs can be reduced significantly, please contact us we can tell more and make you an offer. Don’t throw money away !

Quality, only properly sharpened drill can make accurate hole, or end mill can produce needed surface roughness, so our regrinding service  is part of your quality policy.

Environmental, by regrinding again and again used cutting tools, you save natural resources, so our regrinding service is part of you environmental and recycling policy as well.

Labor and capital costs, by using our services your own staff can centralize to you core production, and you can avoid investments to grinding machinery and factory floor space.

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